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I am fucked for life

2015-04-04 00:03:24 by Zintendo

I was driving my truck that my dad had bought me less than a week ago, and I crashed it.  I swerved off road and crashed right into a monument.  My truck is gone, and the entire front (engine) was shoved so far backwards that everybody says my legs should have had crush.  I kept my entire body though! :D But unfortunately I have had some serious injuries.  I broke my jaw, my nose, and my brain! D:  I crashed and thank god I did not hit any car or person!!! :'D  I am very lucky to be alive.  Very very very very very lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   God bless every living creature!!! :D

Zombocalypse: The mighty animation to come

2009-07-23 15:21:50 by Zintendo

Me and Bluebananaproductions have teamed up and will make this animation cooperatively.


When 2 friends discover that southern california has been taken over by zombies overnight, they must team up and dominate, at least until they are rescued and put into a safer part of the world. They meet up with 2 other people somewhere in the animation.