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Entry #2

I am fucked for life

2015-04-04 00:03:24 by Zintendo

I was driving my truck that my dad had bought me less than a week ago, and I crashed it.  I swerved off road and crashed right into a monument.  My truck is gone, and the entire front (engine) was shoved so far backwards that everybody says my legs should have had crush.  I kept my entire body though! :D But unfortunately I have had some serious injuries.  I broke my jaw, my nose, and my brain! D:  I crashed and thank god I did not hit any car or person!!! :'D  I am very lucky to be alive.  Very very very very very lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   God bless every living creature!!! :D


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2015-04-04 00:31:02

you be a surviver, man
thats pretty awesome

Zintendo responds:

centilion thank yous!


2015-04-04 00:42:55

duuuuuuuuude wow!! congrats on living to tell the tale~!

Zintendo responds:

centillion thanks!


2015-04-04 01:32:22

Im happy to read this, you're alive and thankful. And God bless unliving and undead creatures too!! Amen.

Zintendo responds:

centillion thanks to you sir


2015-12-12 15:48:40

Yeah, pretty fucking lucky to still be here. I just hate how much I lost in this horrendous accident, I lost everything I knew on the electric guitar, and almost everything on piano, except one song that I just couldn't stop playing, which would be the song of storms from Zelda. I lost the entertainer, the fur elise, countless Zelda songs, and a plethora of guitar shit. . . :'(